Company Objectives - KPI

Company Objectives - Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
UMS intends to be among the world leaders in sea transportation with respect to safety, and quality. Safety is not only relevant for personnel and equipment but also to the environment. 

UMS as a business entity will work and act in accordance with the industries best practices, specifically in relation to Health and Safety, Ethics, Environment, and Whistle Blowing. UMS shall build its competitive edge on quality combined with cost effective operation.

To give the organisation clear, measurable and accountable goals and at the same time create a conscious attitude, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been established. The monitoring and reporting of KPIs are performed at regular intervals to enable corrective actions as and when required. Return on Equity as defined by the Owners together with budget achievement will be the instruments by which economic success is measured.

These goals and target values shall be established at relevant levels and functions of the organization and communicated to all, together with achieved results.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
A number of quality, safety, health, environment and operational related KPIs have been identified and are continuously monitored and reported regularly, enabling management insight into performance developments in all areas of operation. All accidents / incidents are reported and recorded electronically for easy access, analysis and reporting. The computerized system enables us to set, and adjust performance targets in the drive for continuous improvement.

The KPIs are subject to annual evaluation with respect to the target and to the Indicator itself.

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